What Is the Geekvape AEGIS Vaporizer?

The new vaporizer from geekvape, the Aegis Vaporizer, is unlike any other vaporizer before it. It utilizes the newest technology from geekvape, the Zipper Tech. This allows you to draw your juice in multiple ways, by using your hand, the pad of your hand, even your foot! What makes this unique is that there is a space at the bottom of the tank that allows you to pour your e-juice into, while the top of the tank maintains constant pressure, keeping you From dripping through out the entire length of the tank.

geekvape aegis vape

With this amazing technology from the makers of the Geekvape AEGIS Vaporizer, you get a powerful vaporizer, with incredible wattage output, all in one package. What’s great about the Geekvape Aegis is the fact that you can use it, without changing the batteries, for up to an hour on high or low, without fear of burning out the batteries. This is because of the new Zipper Technology, which allows you to change out the tanks, so fast and easy, that the body does not even feel warm. What’s great about this, is the ability to change out wick sizes, so fast, and with no risk to the battery or tank.

The Geekvape AEGIS Vaporizer will give you the wattage output that you need, whether you are going to be vaporing fruit juice, potable water, or candy. It produces a very strong vapor, that will quench your thirst in a matter of seconds, if you like your dessert sweet. With a Zipper Technology, you will never have to worry about changing out the tanks, because the tank goes back together, so quickly and easily. This vaporizer has two separate heating elements, one for the base, and one for the glass zippered front of the unit. The glass front allows you to see the components and also keeps your hands away from the heating elements, which are extremely sensitive to heat.

The new generation of the Geekvape AEGIS Vaporizer is the tankless type, which is a much-deserved upgrade for this product. With a one hundred percent stainless steel tankless design, you can be sure that the unit will stay clean for years to come. The inner cooling tray that is incorporated into the AEGIS Vaporizer system guarantees the best performance, and keeps the components cool, so that they do not overheat. With the eight-hour warranty that is included in the package, you are guaranteed pure flavor, with the added bonus of extended battery life. You do not have to worry about constantly replacing the parts, so this is real savings in both time, and money.

The two most popular sizes of the AEGIS vaporizer unit are the AAKG and the Geekvape AEGIS Pod Vaping System. The AAKG is the larger of the two, but the Pod system is definitely smaller and lighter. Both sizes of the AEGIS vaporizer have the option of a front panel digital display, which offers many detailed stats about the wattage output and other things. There is also a safety mode, which is set to ten minutes, so that you will be able to adjust the settings without turning off the power. The AAKG weighs forty-three ounces and offers a one-year warranty, and there is a sixteen-day span for replacement of parts, or eighty dollars for the whole system.

The AEGIS vaporizer does offer a choice of several different types of juices to choose from, including fruit flavors, coconut, and carrot. There are two different ways to use your AEGIS unit, depending on what you want to put into it. In the single flavor option, you simply select the fruit or vegetable from the list that you prefer, then put the power to it and start vaporizing. The double flavor option allows you to mix in any number of different juices. The ability to mix allows you to produce multiple flavors that may blend well together, allowing you to create a unique and individual flavor each time.

In order to use the AEGIS vaporizer you must plug it in through an electrical port on the side of your computer monitor or wall outlet. Once you have done that, the unit will turn on automatically and begin heating up. The pre-loading process will allow you to choose from a number of pre-programmed temperature settings, which can be changed on the fly when you need them. It has a handy “off” switch that allows you to take the unit off when you are not using it. Even though there are multiple settings, the unit is still considered one of the lowest wattage output units on the market, so it will make your vaporizer last for quite some time.

There are a few things you should do before using the Geekvape AEGIS vaporizer. First of all, you should only use it if you are comfortable using a computer monitor and plugging it into a wall outlet. The amount of heat it produces is high, so you do not want to burn your skin by having the unit on. Second, you should completely fill the tank (the mouth piece) before using it to avoid getting an over-filled tank, which could potentially cause damage to your vaporizer. Also, keep in mind the product comes with a three-year warranty, so if you have any questions about the product or service, you should contact customer service at the date of purchase.