Smart Shopping – Increase Customer Satisfaction With Smart Pricing

In the last two decades, I’ve seen many advancements in smart shopping technology. These stores are now using sophisticated sensors and cameras to aid their shoppers and have even added sensors and microphones to their carts. Some stores have even gone as far as adding audio playlists that allow the customer to not only listen to what is being purchased but also shop-like tune as well.

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A built-in digital scale weighs items if you must pay by the pound, and customers pay with either a credit card or with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Many stores have also incorporated smart technology into their gift shops and counters.

Smart shopping has become especially prominent in the field of retail. One of the pioneers was Neiman Marcus, who saw the in-store opportunities to monitor the actions of shoppers and incorporate this information into an intelligent shopping system.

Neiman Marcus was so innovative that they actually developed a robotic in-store clerk, which helped in increasing store traffic and implementing intelligent retail strategies. Other retailers are now following suit and implementing sensors throughout retail locations.

Smart retail doesn’t mean that customers will simply stroll through the aisles of a retail establishment without pause, but that smart retail will help consumers anticipate their shopping experiences.

The other innovation is smart self-service. Self-service means that the retailer will take full responsibility for caring for their products and keeping them in good condition.

You no longer have to call the manufacturer, and often times have to wait weeks for an inspection. You no longer have to wait for product replacement. The self-service experience is becoming more common in traditional retail. However, it still has a long way to go before becoming the norm.

Many shoppers are comfortable with using the computer on the shelf or the push of a button, rather than having to figure out how to open the cabinet door, insert the product they wish to buy, and insert the card they wish to use to complete their purchase. This also allows for shorter checkout times.

Smart shopping cart systems have dramatically improved the process. These systems have been developed by all of the major retailers and are offered at competitive prices.

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Customers who want to shop smarter are turning to online shopping. In-store retailers are seeing increased revenues as well as an increase in overall sales as more shoppers choose to shop smarter not harder.

If you want to achieve a smarter shopping experience, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of success. If you have a physical location, you will want to offer smart shopping cart programs to your customers. If you don’t currently offer this type of program, consider what it would mean to offer an online store to those who visit your physical location.

If you already offer online grocery shopping, adding an online cart feature to your website is easy and inexpensive. Customers love the convenience of shopping online and they have come to expect quicker checkout experiences.

You can also take the same concept of offering the online cart option to your physical locations. Offer a discount or a coupon for shopping with your checkout page and invite customers to sign up for your newsletter or for your email marketing list.

If you currently only offer grocery delivery but want to extend the ability to carryout food, consider installing a cart system for your grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping carts are available at many of the same retailers that offer in-store shopping. You will need to determine how many groceries your customers typically purchase per week and set the limit for that number of grocery items per week. Then you can purchase discounts or regular grocery coupons for the items you know your customers will purchase more often. These coupons will be good for items such as milk, eggs, sugar, pieces of bread, and snacks.

When setting up your online grocery store cart, make sure that it has the right information on it so that it will be easy to find. The information is usually called out near the checkout section or on the side of the screen.

When you are finished shopping, you should display your shopping cart and your order confirmation. This will give your customer the assurance that you have the product they are purchasing and that their information will be kept secure.