Artificial Intelligent Voice, The Key to a Successful Career!


If you have ever used a VoIP service then you know what an Artificial Intelligent Voice Robot can do. It is the most amazing technological innovation in many decades. I believe in the “uploading of the future” as one famous Sci-Fi writer once said. Well the good new is, it’s not just the future it’s already here and you are going to be using it in the next few years or sooner. But first let’s talk about some applications of artificial intelligent voice software and why they are so important.

Artificial Intelligent Voice

When voice over internet protocol (VoIP) was first introduced it was welcomed with open arms by everyone. The phones worked great, the internet worked great and everyone jumped on board, including the airlines. And rightly so. The technology was relatively simple, it took a digital recording of the human voice and passed that on to whoever needed to hear it. So now we have artificial intelligent smart phones that take calls via VoIP and you can use your voice over those smart phones as if you were really talking to someone.

Of course this is just the beginning. Soon we will see applications where the person on the other end of the call has a speech impediment, or has a medical condition that makes it difficult for them to speak. Then there will be other things, such as those that are hard to pronounce or even understand. These will be taken care of automatically, and the person on the other end will never even realize it’s happening.

This is why using your voice over the phone is so important. If you are unable to speak in front of others, then how will they ever recognize you? That makes sense doesn’t it?

Well, here’s another application of artificial intelligent voice software. If you have a website that people are visiting, but not really paying attention to, what do you do to keep them coming back for more? You can always have an automated voice telling them what to expect next. In other words, you tell them what you want them to get out of your site.

It’s not just websites though. Think about all the TV shows and commercials that you hear from time to time. Those are all being produced with some sort of artificially intelligent system. The writer doesn’t have to be there, the camera doesn’t need to be trained, and no one has to actually write the commercials.

In fact, many of the best examples of the artificially intelligent voice thing are things like answering questions. If you’re at a business and you have a question about something, but you’re not very good at asking questions, then an artificial intelligent voice would probably be able to help you out. After all, who’s better than a computer at that? It’s actually incredible what computers are capable of now.

If you think about it though, aren’t there some things we already have in existence that are more advanced than these types of artificially intelligent voice systems? For instance, I believe that many of our most successful pilots are from artificially intelligent systems. Why? Because they are highly trained, experienced pilots. The reason they are so good is because they know how to operate within the complex systems that control a commercial airliner. They have the knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully handle that aircraft.

Now let’s say that you do not have that type of experience. That’s okay, because you don’t need it. What you need is a voice inside your head that is convincing enough to make you feel comfortable, confident in your abilities, and knowledgeable enough to steer you in the right direction. You need an artificial intelligent voice that can tell you what to do, what to look out for, and what you should do to survive a crash.

This is all very possible. You can have an artificially intelligent voice that can fly an airplane, or even just land a small vessel. There is no end to the different artificial intelligent voice options that are available. But there are downsides to this as well. The first is that it’s expensive. Second, no one is really sure how good the software is which is supposed to control these things.

A lot of us are still stuck on the old concept that computers are good, and humans are bad. It’s time we put a stop to this myth! With the right voice in your head, you can soar to new heights. So get yourself an artificial intelligent voice today, and start enjoying life a little more!

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